Operating model

You provide us with the rooftop and we provide you with clean energy. Bellow we will show you the structured project plan:

1. Planning and approval

We manage all steps regarding planning, approvals and grants. We plan your PV-system at our own risks and our costs. We obtain all necessary approvals and submit all the grant documents.

2. Decision

After the issuance of the grant, you decide what the next steps should be:

  • Operating model: Selina executes, and our operating company funds and manages the PV-system.
  • Realization by your company: Selina builds the PV-system and hands the operable PV-system over to your company.
  • • No realization: If you decide not to go through with the PV-project, you will not be charged with any costs.

3. Operating model

We will build and manage the PV-system for 25 years at our own costs and risks. Depending on your contract, you can either use the PV electricity yourself or we will sell it in the first 13 years to the OeMAG. After this period, you use the PV-system yourself. You also have the option to buy the PV-system at any time at a price established in advance.

Your advantages

  • No investment.
  • No risks at the building and operational stages.
  • Externally it is “your” system.
  • In the long run you benefit from the cheaper electricity costs for using the solar electricity.
  • After 25 years you can take over the PV-system, or we can remove it for no additional costs.
  • Depending on your contract you can benefit from the cheaper solar energy or from the compensation for using your rooftop.
  • The purchase option ensures you the access to the PV-system at any time.
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