Your full range supplier of solar energy projects

Renewable energies are our future and offer a whole range of benefits. Innovative ideas reduce environmental pollution and contribute substantially to climate protection. Your own PV- system additionally ensures the long-term reduction and coverage of the electricity costs.

Our main focus is own consumption PV-systems for regional businesses and industrial companies as well as sophisticated international projects where we can make use of our experience and technical know-how.

Our solar energy professionals are able to offer all necessary services for the development and realization of your solar energy project. We manage your PV-project from the initial idea, detail planning and obtaining all necessary approvals until the construction and operation of the PV- system and the energy storage.

Don’t let the sun shine unused on your rooftop. Make a solar power station out of your roof area.

Free analysis of potentials

Only those PV- systems which were adjusted to the individual need and which were planed and built carefully can work economically in the long term.

Selina has developed an analysis tool that enables us to see the effect of every technical change in the system on the economic efficiency.

Operating model of Selina

Our offer is aimed at regional businesses and industrial companies with unused rooftops with a minimum of 1.500m².
Combine solar power with sustainable management without the need of investing in your own PV- System. We would be happy to consult you.

„Companies can use non- productive areas to cover a part of the electricity needs with local solar power generation. Today the components cost way less than a couple of years ago and therefore a PV-system is a long-term economical solution.“

Egmont Fröhlich, managing partner