Analysis of potentials

Free analysis of potentials

Only those PV- systems which were adjusted to the individual need and which were planed and built carefully can work economically in the long term.

Selina has developed an analysis tool that enables us to see the effect of every technical change in the system on the economic efficiency.
This analysis of potential (Link zur Potentialanalyse) allows us to deliver reliable financial information at a very early phase of the project, to put you into a position to make an economic decision.

To perform this analysis, we need the load profile and information regarding the electricity price (electricity price + network fee + net fees). You can obtain the load profile of the last calendar year free of charge as an Excel sheet from your energy supplier (with an annual consumption of 100.000 kWh or more).

Based on theses values and the simulation on our PV-system we are able to optimally coordinate the production and the consumption with one another. The goal should be to use at least 80 percent of the produced PV energy. A yield simulation for the location as well as a first visualization are a part of the result of the potential-analysis.

If we obtain the information as described above, we can present all the dimensions of the PV- system already at the first meeting.

Are you interested in receiving a free potential-analysis? Here ist he link to the appointments.