Photovoltaic without an investment

We believe in the economic efficiency of PV- projects, and therefore we invest into the PV- systems of our clients, because not everybody wants to be the owner of a PV-System. Our core business consists not only of planning and building PV-systems, but also of their long-term operation.

The operating model of Selina allows our clients to use solar energy, without the need to invest. This gives you many advantages: no investment, no operating risks, positive effect on the environment and the image, low energy costs in the long run, and the possibility to buy the PV-System at any time at a price established in advance, in case the general conditions (such as electricity and network costs) change. Everyone focuses on their core business.

We can construct and operate your PV-system!

If you are interested in our operating model, then please contact us.

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„Don’t let the sun shine unused on your rooftop. Combine economic efficiency and environmental protection and make a solar power station out of your roof area. We can invest in your PV-project and build a solar power station on your roof!“

Martin Benger, partner