PV-specialist for regional businesses and industrial companies

A PV- system will not only reduce electricity costs but will provide security regarding the increasing electricity prices. The economic efficiency is the key factor in the development. A PV-system is only financially attractive if the company directly consumes a high percentage of the produced clean energy. Every kilowatt hour of solar energy is 3 times as valuable if it is consumed directly.

Therefore, we optimize the PV-system regarding size, orientation, components and financing based on the analysis of your load profile, and not primarily on the size of the rooftop.

Selina has developed an analysis tool that enables us to see the effect of every technical change on the system on the economic efficiency.
This analysis of potential allows us to deliver reliable financial informations at a very early phase of the project, to put you into a position to make an economic decision.

General contractor for large-scale projects of PV-systems

Selina has established itself as a competent general contractor (EPC) in the field of bigger PV-systems. With our comprehensive expertise we cover all phases of national or international large-scale projects of PV- systems. Our team has over 50 years of experience in the implementation of solar power stations in Austria and abroad. We also have a long-standing and established network of partners in the area of renewable energies.

Selina uses modern tools for planning, simulation and project management, which enable us to optimize the impact of a PV-system on your energy consumption. To ensure the sustainable success of our systems, we offer our clients continuous monitoring and operational management.