Schulzentrum Radstadt

14 tons
CO2 reduction
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Schulzentrum Radstadt

Roof system

After only 24 months of renovation and expansion, the school could reopen in March 2018. The area of about 10.000 square meter has been doubled. The rooms were flooded with light, to assure a pleasant atmosphere, new rooms were built for open learning opportunities and an environmental friendly energy technology with district heating was set up, alongside the 55kWp photovoltaic system. The 500 students, in the 29 rooms can now profit from the new and motivating learning environment.

Technical Data

  • Location: Salzburg
  • Output: 55.00 kWp
  • Annual yield: 56 MWh
  • CO2 reduction: 14 tons
  • Module surface: 341 m²
  • Modules: 204 á 270W
  • Inverter: Fronius
  • Put into operation: 23/01/2017
  • Electricity generation corresponds to: 12 households
  • Subsidy: OeMAG