95 tons
CO2 reduction
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Roof system

In the summer of 2013 we planned and built the 344kWp Steirerfrucht-system for private consumption. The challenging part of this project was the fact, that the roof statics didn’t allow any additional loading weights on the subconstruction. Therefore, we had to secure the system with over 1.300 sticky dots on the roof membrane.

Technical Data

  • Location: Styria
  • Output: 344.00 kWp
  • Annual yield: 384 MWh
  • CO2 reduction: 95 tons
  • Module surface: 2,402 m²
  • Modules: 1,433 á 240W
  • Inverter: ABB Power One
  • Put into operation: 01/07/2013
  • Electricity generation corresponds to: 81 households
  • Subsidy: OeMAG